Web Design

At Wriglecs, we design and build world class responsive websites for businesses of all sizes.

For us, every relationship is built on trust and honesty. Before we start your website design, we engage with the key individuals in your business to truly understand objectives you want to achieve. Our web design process keeps those people involved, engaged and informed throughout design, build and the life of your project.


Designing for Purpose

It is in every part of our process. Designing for purpose directs our user experience, technical skills, and creative solutions. We never stop looking for opportunities to enhance your Internet Presence. It’s why our development team constantly listens, learns, thinks, sketches, clicks, calculates, and codes all in order to do one thing for your business.

A User Centred Approach: The first step towards effective web design is attaining a detailed architecture of your business and marketing plan. If we know where your business is headed and what you are aiming to achieve, your website can be a difference maker in your company’s development. We design for them. Understanding where, how, and why users will interact with your content, and what messaging we want to deliver, is critical. It’s what makes us good at what we do.

Responsive Web Design

A core feature of our designs is their responsiveness to all devices, from desktops and laptops to tablets and mobiles. People are on the move and need to be able to find and interact with your business easily, wherever they are. As portable devices become more prevalent, getting your business to the palms of your audience is increasingly critical. Our sites greet such technology with open arms. Twinned with services such as PPC and SEO, we can ensure your marketing strategy and reach is not limited in any way.

Our Web Design Services

User Experience Design: We explore potential concepts for cross device experiences through wireframes and digital prototypes.

Concept Design: We provide all key elements of a digital project to promote purposeful and intelligent interfaces.

Content Strategy: We provide detailed content strategy and copywriting service to drive leads and conversion through your website.

Responsive Design: We provide solutions to promote engagement through simple, intuitive and delightful experiences across all devices.

Content Management System: We offer a wide range of Content Management Systems, including a range of familiar names such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and loads more.

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